Beauties and Their Beasts 2: OLIVIA

Beauties and Their Beasts 2: OLIVIA

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* Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance * After her car ditches off an embankment, Olivia Cruz wakes up in a strange bed, in a castle no less, buck-naked and feeling a strong, desirous attraction to the man who undressed her. Can he be the Prince Charming shea€™s been holding out for? Billionaire Aiden Hughes who built his fairytale castle for his now deceased daughter hasna€™t had desires for a woman since his wife died. Can the beautiful and sexy Olivia be the one woman who finally moves him to give love another try? Approx. 20, 100 words. This story is a standalone. Content is sensual, but if you're wanting mostly sex, this won't be for you. Keywords: paranormal, shapeshifter, werewolf, werewolves, romance, fantasy, billionaireWith reaction kicking in, she slammed on her brakes sending the VW Jetta skidding, spinning around and around, causing Oliviaa#39;s mind to reel as though she were on the Evolution amusement park ride. Although her life didna#39;t pass throughanbsp;...

Title:Beauties and Their Beasts 2: OLIVIA
Author:Terra Lorin
Publisher:Terra Lorin - 2014-12-15


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