Beat the Crisis: 33 Quick Solutions for Your Company

Beat the Crisis: 33 Quick Solutions for Your Company

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Newspaper columns blare the news daily. There is no doubt that we are struggling through a worldwide economic and financial crisis of a magnitude not witnessed since the Great Depression. In this environment, fraught with danger, no company can afford to take a wait-and-see attitude. One hesitation or misstep can result in the rapid demise of a once stalwart enterprise. Even small miscalculations can topple mighty empires; consider the U.S. auto industry, for example. The severity of the crisis demands that your company understand its causes, diagnose carefully, implement decisively and monitor constantly. However, the crisis also creates chances for companies that learn to assess risk, recognize opportunity and take action quickly. This book is an antidote to the chorus of doom-and-gloom, a manual for business leaders and employees who are ready to fight. In Beat the Crisis, international strategy guru, Hermann Simon, offers 33 practical actions that any company can take immediately. Organized into broad categoriesa€”qChanging Customer Needs, q qSales and the Sales Force, q qManaging Offers and Pricesq and qServicesqa€”Simon shows companies how to focus on the areas where emphatic action can have quick and maximum impact on corporate performance. Drawing from dozens of successful cases around the world, Simon helps readers learn to read the market signals, develop quick solutions, and stay a step ahead of their competitors, while avoiding the pitfalls looming in the crisis. A concluding chapter looks beyond the crisis and considers the longer-term socio-political and business consequences, in which Simon foresees a new era of restraint.Mistakes. But no matter how pressing the issues, it is crucial to avoid making fatal mistakes.2 We hear time and again that the crisis harbors tremendous ... Simon_Ch08.pdf Chapter 8 Implementing the Quick Solutions Avoiding Major Mistakes.

Title:Beat the Crisis: 33 Quick Solutions for Your Company
Author:Hermann Simon
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2010-03-11


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