Beagles For Dummies

Beagles For Dummies

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Beagles are an extraordinary breeda€”no bones about it. Theya€™re cute, compact, fun-loving, and great with kids. (Not to mention those soulful eyes!) But their sense of humor, independence, and stubborn nature isna€™t for everyone. So whether youa€™re thinking about getting your very own Snoopy-dog, or if youa€™ve already opened your heart and home to one, Beagles for Dummies answers important questions like: What are Beagles supposed to look like and how should they behave? Should I choose a puppy or an adult dog? Male or female? How do I correct my Beaglea€™s behavior problems? What do I need to do to survive my Beaglea€™s puppyhood? How can I Beagle-proof my house to keep him (and my stuff) safe? What should I teach my Beagle to do? How do I teach him? What health problems is my Beagle likely to have when hea€™s young? How about when he grows upa€”or gets old? Life with these little hounds can lead to years of merriment, entertainment, and lovea€”but if you think Beagles are just another hound dog, think again! Whether you want to know everything there is to living with a Beagle, or just want to skip to a relevant subject (like how to keep him out of the hamper), Beagles for Dummies gives you everything you need to choose and raise your Snoopy soul mate.Is a Beagle right for you? This essential guide helps you decide, giving you all the basics on the breed.

Title:Beagles For Dummies
Author:Susan McCullough
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2006-12-06


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