Battle of the Blood Moons

Battle of the Blood Moons

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We are conditioned to believe what is visible is more important than the invisible, we couldn't be more deceived; the visible world is less than one percent of our reality. In everyday life, there are creatures we cannot see, demons hiding all around us, in an invisible realm. Humanity lies at the center of an interdimensional conflict as old as time. On one side stand the demons of the great void, corrupting, harvesting, and feeding on human souls. Arrayed against the darkness are the illumine races, beings of light residing in the eleventh dimension. Everyone on earth has a stake in this war. Knowingly or not, no one stays neutral. Humanity's every act shifts the balance in this unending struggle, pushing further into the lighta€”or pulling back into the darkness. In the midst of a messy divorce, Deidre Kollister discovers her sacred role in this hidden, vicious conflict. A sonic warrior of light, Deidre is one of twelve souls who agreed on a perilous mission before birth: to prevent the upcoming soul harvest, a terrible event set to begin with an ancient celestial sign. Twelve extraordinary people stand against a legion of interdimensional demons. The odds are stacked against Deidre and her new allies. If they succeed, the world may finally find peace. If they fail, the ancient war will end with a demonic feeding frenzy and humanity's eternal enslavement.She looks down at the front of her shirt to see if ita#39;s clinging from static, no, ita#39;s not. She touches the spoiler on the back of her car to see if she will get a shock, no shock. She knows being ... Turning her attention back to the gruesome task she comments out loud, a€œIa#39;ll need my overalls to protect my clothes. I think I better wearanbsp;...

Title:Battle of the Blood Moons
Author:Diane Shauer
Publisher:Diane Shauer - 2014-06-26


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