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Bananaman is tired of exposed navels, breast implants, telemarketers, reality television shows, doctor's waiting rooms and ill-mannered, sloppily dressed generation x'ers and yuppies. He collects LP's, prefers manual typewriters, dials a rotary phone. His baseball hero is Mickey Mantle not Barry Bonds. He protested the Viet Nam War not Project Iraqi Freedom. He once wore his hair in an Afro and despises men with shaved heads and balding men who wear pig tails. His president will always be John F. Kennedy, not 'W.' Amusing diatribes are offered on health food fads, cosmetic surgery, diet and entertainment. He lampoons reality television, telemarketers and 'cell-yell' phones. Life styles in California, New York and Arizona are grumbled at to create a hilarious reading experience.I was so tired that night that I slept through the passing of at least a hundred thousand cars along the highway. ... Did you ever notice that no matter what motel you stay at, there are always cigarette burns on the bedspread and a light bulb is out in one of the lamps? ... Thata#39;ll fix the bastard! Another ... Every rug seems to be hand woven in such exotic locales as Iran and Nepal and costs well over $6, 000.

Author:Michael Boloker
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-12-01


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