Baldrige Award Winning Quality -- 18th Edition

Baldrige Award Winning Quality -- 18th Edition

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The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award is the highest level of national recognition for performance excellence that a U.S. organization can receive. Now in its 18th edition, Baldrige Award Winning Quality is still the most widely used and recognized book on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. It provides readers with a simple, yet comprehensive resource, for understanding the most current criteria for this prestigious business performance award. The definitive resource for helping companies achieve world-class results, Baldrige Award Winning Quality a€“ 18th Edition: How to Interpret the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence is the only book on the Baldrige criteria to detail, in simple and straightforward language, every category, examination item, and area to address. From understanding the scoring system to preparing for a site visit, it guides you through all stages in the process. Reflecting the new criteria (2013-2014) that address education and healthcare, this edition outlines a comprehensive plan that is suitable for any company in any industry. Offering detailed explanations of each of the 17 qExamination Itemsq and the 36 qAreas to Addressq that compose the seven major categories, the book reveals exactly what examiners look for in each area and suggests what you need to include. It also discusses: Criteria of leadership and the role of senior management in the award process Importance of a long- and short-term strategic plan Where and how to satisfy the requirements for demonstrating effective qprocessq and qresultsq Lists of state award programs based on the Baldrige criteria Core values and themes that underlie the award How to weigh the importance of the 36 qAreas to Addressq The significance of the Baldrige scoring scale, and its role in achieving performance excellence The book devotes a chapter to supplying a clear and concise explanation on how to prepare for a site visit from the board of examiners. It details each facet of the site visit, including its purpose, what a Baldrige examiner looks for, and the questions typically asked during the visit. Complete with rules for preparing graphics and charts, the book includes helpful tips to help you avoid common mistakes when completing the application.Trading your Lexus in for your third one is a better measure of customer satisfaction and loyalty than a survey. ... are a few things you did not care for about your last Lexus, but still think it is a better car than any others you have considered. ... only two methods: a€c Comment/feedback cards a€c Annual mail survey sent to all or a sample of customers Although these two ... is not likely that you are obtaining a clear view of the degree to which customers are satisfied with your products/services.

Title:Baldrige Award Winning Quality -- 18th Edition
Author:Mark Graham Brown
Publisher:CRC Press - 2013-08-21


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