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Balance is a learned trait. A baby's progression to walking is accomplished by gaining strength, improving coordination, receiving encouragement and by practicing. If we learned it once, we can also relearn it later. The electronic age has contributed to a sedentary life style. In addition, ranch homes, curb cuts, escalators, and elevators have eliminated stairs from our daily routines. Safety concerns also discourage many from walking for exercise. The predictable reality is a weaker, balance challenged population. The purpose of this publication is to provide the unstable reader with a practical guide to restore flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and function.Cordless phones that can be lifted out of the holder is one option, but cell phones are almost a must for unsteady Seniors. You may prefer to use an answering machine to screen your calls. Unfortunately ... My carpet store friend told me that the fix was to move the coffee table off the rug, straighten it out, and then drag oranbsp;...

Author:Charles Press & Donald H. Blough
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-08


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