Baidu Browser (Fast & Secure)

Baidu Browser (Fast & Secure)

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Baidu Browser provides you easy, fast and safe access to browse everything on the Internet. Find a€œMy favoritesa€, a€œRecommendationa€ and a€œDiscoverya€ on 3 screens. Fast browsing (with T5 engine), fun videos, news and more are all just a single tap or swipe away.With its unique global certification system, Baidu Browser will identify malicious websites and ensure that you have a secure and fast browsing and downloading experience. Baidu Browser for Android Highlights: a˜… Fast Browsing: With its proprietary T5 engine, Baidu Browser speeds up loading and opening web pages. a˜… Coolest New Content: Browse for fun? Baidu Browser gives you quick access to a wide array of videos, news, pictures and more for you to discover. Features of Baidu Browser for Android: a–o WEBSITE SECURITY TIP: Baidu Browser will warn you when you browse a website with potential fraud risks. a–o PRIVACY PROTECTION: Baidu Browsera€™s incognito mode doesn't save browsing history. a–o QUICK LINKS: Add links to your favorite websites on the home page, to quickly browse the mini sites you love. a–o MOST VISITED: Baidu Browser tracks your browsing habits and displays websites you browse most for easy access. a–o QUICK SEARCH: Baidu Browser includes a quick-search address bar, that supports multiple search engines. a–o FAST DOWNLOADS: Download video, pictures and more mega-fast. a–o SMART VIDEO PLAYBACK: Exclusive a€œFloating Playback Modea€ lets you watch videos while browsing the Web or using other programs (with T5 Engine only). a–o NIGHT MODE: Browse pages comfortably to protect your eyes at night-time (with T5 Engine only). a–o CUSTOM SKINS: Choose your favorite images to personalize your mini browser! a–o GESTURE BROWSING: One-finger slid zooming feature lets you easily browse mini websites with one hand. You can also swipe forward/back to navigate. a–o EASY WEATHER: Keeps you up-to-date with daily weather reports. a–o DESKTOP WIDGETS: Customize your desktop widget options to browse specific websites immediately. a–o HUGE VIDEO COLLECTION: Play videos in multiple categories directly --- an exciting mobile Internet browsing experience! a–o HOT NEWS: Baidu Browser automatically collects news content from multiple sources, giving you fast access to browse the latest hot news. a–o FUN PICTURES: Browse all picture categories (beautiful women, celebrities, comedy, animation etc.) that you love! a€œBaidu Browser offers a light, high-speed alternative to the stock Android Web browser.a€ a€” a€œBaidu Browser is a good choice if you're looking at Android web browsers, since it offers high speed browsing from a simple interface.a€ a€” Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of Baidu Browser: Q: How can I change the language of Baidu Browser? A: Please select your language by clicking a€œMenu -g Settingsa€. Baidu Browser supports: Deutsch, EspaApol, English, English (India), FranAsaise, PortuguAos, PNƒNNEoEcE¹, TA¼rk, Bahasa Indonesia, OsU„O¹OpOuUŠOc, acnac²accac²a¹„ac—acc, a—yaœneož, i•œemsi˜, acsa–‡i¼ˆc¹el”i¼‰, Bahasa Melayu, Tiaoing Viar‡t, UOsOpO³UŒ. Q: How is Baidu Browser different from Google Chrome or Opera? A: Scroll down to the bottom of a€œDiscovera€œ, and press the a€œ+a€œ button. Then, you can add your favorite categories for news, videos and images. Install Baidu Browser and enjoy browsing mobile internet together with more than 10 million fellow users! Fast web-browsing, easy access to content, all with Baidu Browser!Baidu Browser provides you easy, fast and safe access to browse everything on the Internet.

Title:Baidu Browser (Fast & Secure)
Author:Apps Review
Publisher: - 2015-01-26


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