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Now a major motion picture based on a true story. A romantic camping trip takes a deadly turn when Jenn and Alex become lost in the remote Canadian wilderness. With no map or cellphone, and running low on food and water, the couple unknowingly stumble into a predatory black beara€™s territorya€”where being lost suddenly becomes the least of their worries. And when they are eventually cornered by the terrifying animal, Jenn is faced with a horrifying choicea€”stay with Alex and defend herself as best she can or try to survive on her own. Backcountry is the haunting story of a woman who finds the courage to survive in the face of almost certain death. Praise for the movie Backcountry a€œA must-see. Does for the woods what Jaws did for the ocean.a€ Matt Boiselle, Dread Centrala€œThe only issue is how Ia#39;m going to be able to drive and eat. ... a number, and Jenn would shift the gears for him from the passengera#39;s seat. a€œIa#39;m impressed, a€ he said. a€œWhata#39;s that?a€ she asked. a€œNot many people still know how to use a stick shift.

Author:D.E. McDonald
Publisher:HarperCollins - 2015-03-20


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