Back to Earth

Back to Earth

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Back to Earth is the powerful, personal journey of a man in his middle years who senses that he has drifted away from the ideals of his youth and who must now search for coherence, belief, and a renewed spirituality following the breakup of his marriage and family. Living alone in a cabin in the woods, Temple searches his past and tells tales of experiences backpacking in Colorado, Dakota, New Mexico and Alaska. His reflections focus on the spiritual and redemptive qualities of nature, the American character, and the dilemmas of the split between matter and spirit, body and soul, God and creation. As an qearnest pilgrim with a short attention span, q Temple's story chronicles his journey from an intimacy with the earth to an alienation from it, and the need of all humans to find a redemptive reunion. The book is a kind of pilgrimage as the author tries to get back home, to find God, to learn what our species once knew, and to rediscover the heart and soul of creation.Sometimes the talk went on and on, late into the darkless nights, one question spawning a multitude more. ... aquot;Science doesna#39;t concern itself with things that cana#39; t be tested, aquot; Jack told me one night when I asked about the ... a passage in Elie Wiesela#39;s Night aquot;Man raises himself toward God by the questions he asks Him, aquot; Moche the Beadle was fond of repeating. ... Man questions God and God answers.

Title:Back to Earth
Author:Kerry Temple
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2005-01-01


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