Back-to-basics Audio

Back-to-basics Audio

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Back to Basics Audio is a thorough, yet approachable handbook on audio electronics theory and equipment. The first part of the book discusses electrical and audio principles. Those principles form a basis for understanding the operation of equipment and systems, covered in the second section. Finally, the author addresses planning and installation of a home audio system. Julian Nathan joined the audio service and manufacturing industry in 1954 and moved into motion picture engineering and production in 1960. He installed and operated recording theaters in Sydney, Australia, and set up similar facilities in Papua New Guinea and Hong Kong. Later he spent several years in cinema installation and service including audio visual theaters and government sound systems, then worked in the hi-fi- and professional sound equipment markets. His particular interest is home theater. He makes his home in New South Wales, Australia. Notes on home theater systems, speaker placement and calibration System planning, diagram analysis, and signal processing Easy introduction to practical audio, acoustics, and electrical theory46, 49 TTL, transistor-transistor integrated circuit logic components, higher current and lower speed than CMOS. 243 TV. How does the picture ... 82-86 VU meter, program level Volume Units meter with defined ballistics. 62, 145, 159, 160 VUanbsp;...

Title:Back-to-basics Audio
Author:Julian Nathan
Publisher:Newnes - 1998


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