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The story begins with Tamara's decision to pursue success, after coming from a roller coaster relationship with Benjamin- a contractor for the government. She counsel's with her cousin Richard, before is suddenly met with an email that invites her to interview for the CIA. Puzzled that they contacted her a year after she applied, she accepts the invitation. Meanwhile, Benjamin crawls back into her life begging for another chance and hoping for forgiveness. When Tamara faces rejection and loses her job, she moves back home for a fresh start- seeking redemption. But, back home she meets Kameron- a professional basketball player who's spirit shines brighter than his career. After he enters her life, so does an opportunity to work for the NSA.Now standing at a fork in the road, Tamara must decide whether the path she is destined to travel consists of true love and success, or must Tamara choose between the two?The rental car was nothing like my own. This black Dodge Neon was too small and very stiff. And, the stereo system made my music sound like it was coming from a computer with one good speaker. And, it made my CDa#39;s skip. I hated driving it.

Author:Kennisha Hill - 2010-07-15


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