Autonomous Robots Research Advances

Autonomous Robots Research Advances

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Autonomous robots are robots which can perform desired tasks in unstructured environments without continuous human guidance. Many kinds of robots have some degree of autonomy. Different robots can be autonomous in different ways. A high degree of autonomy is particularly desirable in fields such as space exploration, where communication delays and interruptions are unavoidable. Some modern factory robots are qautonomousq within the strict confines of their direct environment. The exact orientation and position of the next object of work and (in the more advanced factories) even the type of object and the required task must be determined. This can vary unpredictably (at least from the robot's point of view). One important area of robotics research is to enable the robot to cope with its environment whether this be on land, underwater, in the air, underground, or in space. This book presents the latest research from around the globe.Research results are being implemented in an ordinary vehicle (presently, a Renault Twingo). ... Thanks to that, the human operator, placed on the back seat ( Fig. ... While first works were mainly focused on automatic driving [8] [12] [1] [13], in the last decade there is a growing interest in Driver Assistance Systems [15].

Title:Autonomous Robots Research Advances
Author:Weihua Yang
Publisher:Nova Publishers - 2008


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