Automatic Driveway Gates

Automatic Driveway Gates

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Been scouring the web to find information on automated gates only to be stymied by technical gate jargon that leaves you scratching your head? This one-of-a-kind compact guide is here to teach you everything you need to know about automated gates, in accessible and jargon-free language. --What Will I Find Between The Covers?-- This guide is for consumers who want to understand the complexities of automatic driveway gate design and installation without wading through the technical mumbo jumbo. Our hope is that youa€™ll take what you learn in these pages and use it to work in seamless partnership with a quality driveway gate installation company to install a system that will beautify and protect your home, and operate safely and smoothly for years to come. Even though automated gates are a serious and heavily technical subject, we treat the topic with a lighter touch in this book so that you may enjoy some witticisms and entertainment while simultaneously morphing into an informed automatic gate consumer. --But are You Going to Answer My Questions?-- This off-the-shelf automatic gate system looks good enough to me. Ita€™ll do, right? How much can I expect to pay for a gate system? This price quote seems sky high! How do I know this gate guy isna€™t trying to rip me off? Ia€™d like to save a few bucks. Do I need all of this extra stuff like the photo eyes, loops, and reverse edges listed on the gate estimate I received? My gate is up and running. My joba€™s done here right? Waita€b Where ya goin? I have more questions! --Here Is Where Youa€™ll Find All the Answers Youa€™re Looking For-- In these pages, youa€™ll find the perfect amount of easily digestible, no-nonsense information to help you: Learn the Components of a Quality Gate System Learn Which Gates are Most Secure Understand What it Takes to Upgrade Your Existing Manual Gate Learn How to Determine Which Gate Type is Right for You Discover What the Deal is with the Cheaper DIY Gate Systems Know What Your Pocketbook is in Fora€”Learn How an Automatic Driveway Gate System Costs? Stay Alive and Safe!a€”Learn the Detection Accessories Needed to Your Gate from Attacking People and Cars Get Tips on How to Pick and Work Successfully with a Gate Installation Contractor Learn How to Fight Back Should Problems Arise Gain Insights on Keeping Your Driveway Gate Running Smoothly with Just a Wee Bit of Maintenance Know What to do Should Your Automatic Gate Start to Get Lippya€”Diagnose Problems and Save $ --Whoa€™s Behind All This?-- Automatic Driveway Gates is the first in the Automatic Gate Resource Center Presents series of books aimed at educating consumers and new fence and gate industry professionals. Automatic Gate Resource Center ( helps consumers conduct research, and to design and get a high-quality, safe, and beautiful automatic gate system installed. The ultimate aim of AGRC is to connect educated consumers with quality trade professionals so that they can work together to create a quality and attractive automatic gate of which they can both be proud.MANUAL. GATE. a€œIa#39;d like to turn my existing gate into an automatic gatea€”can I do that?a€ The short answer to the above ... Swing Gate Posts The first is to take a good, hard look (or a cursory look, if you prefer) at the type and strength of theanbsp;...

Title:Automatic Driveway Gates
Author:Giselle Fuerte, Josiah Fuerte
Publisher:Fuerte Words Publishing - 2014-01-31


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