Autism, Pre Rain Man

Autism, Pre Rain Man

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Rich Shull like many of his counterparts worldwide grew up in an era before Autism was diagnosable and as such we have figured out Autism from end-to-end. With our Personal experience in Autism thinking and real life we blend together Autism (Picture Thinking) and normal thought to achieve a normal life. We drive hold normal jobs and are not the stereotypical Rain Man or anti-social genius, the world knows so well, as Autism. We can see the OBVIOUS errors and myths the current Autism thinking has created and thank our lucky stars we were never diagnosed, or we would all be in a group home. Modern Autism Education is two Steps backwards. Our success in real life needs to be studied and accounted for. It is Autism's success bottled and waiting to be tapped. What Current Autism Expert can claim first had knowledge with Autistic thought and our super active senses and even our Pain free injuries? Pre Rain Man Autism has ignored us for years now, Perhaps it has missed a few points that we have discovered and cured?I went to the library and studied the Hollander Interchange Manuals, a set of books that tell what parts interchange with-in the different cars and even among the different brands of cars. I found no official interchange for any of the brake parts Ianbsp;...

Title:Autism, Pre Rain Man
Author:Rich Shull
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-11-12


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