Assessment for Effective Teaching

Assessment for Effective Teaching

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Written in a straightforward and conversational manner, this book integrates assessment and instruction to provide educators with an understanding of when and why to use different assessment techniques to optimize student learning. Emphasis is on realistic applications, taken from the author's experiences using mainstream assessment principles. The subject matter in each chapter is frequently expanded with examples from a broad range of educational settings, ranging from classroom teaching to school administration, school counseling, special education, and related special services for students with special needs. Features Discussion of individual differences among students helps readers understand the reality of individual differences so as to employ assessment to influence learning for all students. Separate chapters on product assessment with rubrics and performance assessment methods present balanced and contemporary treatment of authentic assessment in Chapters 8 and 9. Simple, easily managed data sets and computation exercises for developing concepts throughout the text eliminate intricate calculations that often get in the way of important principles. An entire chapter (13) on assessment issues in special education helps readers address the thicket of special education issues and mandates in which assessment plays a vital role. Learning aids such as Discussion Questions, Thinking Cap Exercises, and computational problems are embedded throughout the book to provide assistance in identifying key issues, checking comprehension and review. Instructor's Manual/Test Bank developed by the authors is available to adopters. Companion website for students and instructors is available at: Related Titles: qProgram Evaluation: Alternative Approaches and Practical Guidelines, 3/eq Jody L. Fitzpatrick James R. Sanders Blaine R. Worthen Order No. 0-321-07706-7 qDesigning and Using Tools for Educational Assessment, 1/eq Madhabi Chatterji Order No. 0-205-29928-8 qConsultation, Collaboration, and Teamwork for Students with Special Needs, 4/eq Peggy Dettmer Norma Dyck Linda P. Thurston Order No. 0-205-34073-3However, if a language arts teacher is interested in testing studentsa#39; ability to organize and structure content, restrictive essay questions wona#39;t do the job. In this case, extended-response essays would be indicated. We turn now to the topic of anbsp;...

Title:Assessment for Effective Teaching
Author:Gerald S. Hanna, Peggy Dettmer
Publisher:Allyn & Bacon - 2004


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