As If The Earth Matters, Recommitting to Environmental Education

As If The Earth Matters, Recommitting to Environmental Education

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Whether you are a veteran of environmental education or new to taking students outdoors, this book will help you organize positive experiences in Nature for your students, friends, children and colleagues. In these pages you will find ideas designed to arouse your passion for learning and ignite a flame of excitement. By using the activities described here, and adapting them to suit your needs and your local environment, you will discover Naturea€™s intricate beauty and subtle mysteries that usually go unnoticed. You will also gain valuable insight into the limitations of classroom instruction and come to realize that a complete and whole education includes getting outside and experiencing the natural world first hand As If the Earth Matters is a beautiful collection. From role-plays and kinesthetic activities to art, music, and listening adventures, each is described completely enough to be repeated. The authors have authentic, international experience with children (giving) a world-class flavor to the book. Teachers who are designing curricula will love the book. But it will be even more valuable for those planning spring or summer outdoor education experiences, where it is an essential! National Science Teachers Association NSTA Recommends! by Juliana Texley NSTA Web Field Editor The book is incredible - a must for every environmental educator. Nice Job, lota€™s of great activities, nice diversity, good outlines and concepts. a€b I went through it carefully and particularly like the attention to concepts. Lawrence A. Wilson, PhD Ecologist Fernbank Science Center Atlanta, Georgia USASample Events: plant identification, bird identification, fish Identification, rock- climbing, swimming, team-challenge ... Setting it up: One idea is to make it a fun, culminating event to finish out the year, much like the traditional a#39;field daya#39; ... This allows the students that participate an opportunity to practice the skills and use the fitness they had acquired throughout the year in PE (i.e. climbing wall, swimming).

Title:As If The Earth Matters, Recommitting to Environmental Education
Author:Thom Henley , Kenny Peavy
Publisher:First Edition Design Pub. - 2015-02-10


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