Artifice and Artefacts

Artifice and Artefacts

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For more than a quarter of a century Robert Cahn has been writing articles for Nature and other esteemed journals. Written in the author's distinctive style, Artifice and Artefacts: 100 Essays in Materials Science presents a compilation of 100 articles and reviews chosen to represent a broad range of subjects that map the growth of materials science during this period. The book provides an informative and entertaining record of scientific development. Topics range from the fractal analysis of fracture surfaces on flint to the scientific detection of frauds in the labeling of wine. The articles themselves have largely been reproduced as they first appeared, promoting insight into the ideas prevalent at the time. This unique collection appeals to physical and materials scientists as well as chemists, geologists, and biologists.Early ones had titles such as Metallurgy for Engineers (Rollason, 1939) and Physical Metallurgy for Engineers (Clarke and Varney, 1952). Later titles covered a broader range of materials; among the better are Engineering Materials byanbsp;...

Title:Artifice and Artefacts
Author:R.W Cahn
Publisher:CRC Press - 1992-01-01


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