Arouse Her Anal Ecstasy

Arouse Her Anal Ecstasy

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View Book Videos and Pictures on Author Page. The audiobook is now on The book has been read by many thousands of women and men. Due to your continuous support and great feedback, it has been the #1 selling product on qHow-To Anal Sex with a womanq since Feb. 2011, on Amazon! Thank You! This book is about how to pleasure your woman deeply and creating an anal sex experience that satisfies her mind, body, and soul. You'll give her intense full-body orgasms, stronger than clitoral orgasms, and she'll yearn for more! Best Illustrated a Most Innovative System for Arousing Her Anal Ecstasy This book is very different, as it focuses on how to introduce a woman to anal sexuality with a pleasurable and painless detailed step-by-step system. This book teaches exactly what to do and how to do it. She'll enjoy incredible full-body orgasms because you will stimulate multiple erogenous zones simultaneously! All images are provided inside the book. The 7 Nights To Ecstasy System For Beginners, The 3 Night Delight System For Advanced Couples, or The Custom System 2 Nights or More for your specific situation along with the SEPOR Method will provide a clearly defined strategy on how to take it slow with your woman, so the process is pleasurable for her from beginning to end. Since it's a woman's preventable pain on the line. The content is what women want men to remember. Learn how to approach communication, build trust, gradually increase stimulation, and properly prepare for anal play. Why - The unmet need to provide a highly illustrated, innovative, and detailed step-by-step system to painless anal ecstasy. Other books do not provide an illustrated step-by-step system on how to take it slow. They state qtake it slowq but do not define what is qslow!q If you go too fast you will hurt your woman. So learn to do it right! Compare the number of illustrations of competing books and the educational content in the images. The system a detailed illustrations provide an easy to learn from guide. THE DIFFERENCE 1. A different strategy that arouses the body in order to seduce the mind 2. 76 illustrations that serve several purposes: a) What to do b) How to do it c) Seduces readers to learn in an artistic manner and visually stimulates them as they progress through the book. 3. The best anal toys and my favorite lubricants (20 product images) 4. Fun preparation 5. Unique and advanced anal play activities, even for the experienced 6. Thrilling cunnilingus techniques 7. A unique combination of a detailed how-to system, hot arousal and Gem entry techniques, and number of instructional images that are not found in any other books, DVDs, online videos, or anal sex resource. 8. Different solutions tailored for your specific situation. 9. Erotic dialogue a explanations, clinical terms are not used. 10. Chapter summaries THE SOLUTION To seduce and pleasure the body and mind simultaneously to take her from NO, or maybe, to OMG that feels incredible! THE BENEFITS 1. Many women have reported the most incredible orgasms of their lives from anal sexuality. 2. Men will gain valuable skills. 3. The amount of sexual fun you can have is more than doubled. 4. The intimacy and passion you reach with anal sexuality is very deep. 5. The process will build better trust and communication in your sex life. 6. The process will provide an abundance of erotic fun both partners and the sense of novelty in your sex life will be increased forever! Now available in Spanish on Kindle and paperback: Excitala Hasta Su Extasis Anal . YOUR REVIEWS HELP OTHERS! Indicate which reviews help, so you can help others evaluate the book like you before your purchase and help them enjoy!This book teaches exactly what to do and how to do it. Shea#39;ll enjoy incredible full-body orgasms because you will stimulate multiple erogenous zones simultaneously! All images are provided inside the book.

Title:Arouse Her Anal Ecstasy
Author:David Decitore - 2010-12


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