Are You Conscious, and Can You Prove It?

Are You Conscious, and Can You Prove It?

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This book came about because there are scientific qcontroversial mattersq that gnawed away at my peace of mind. So when I qretired, q I finally had time to write about biomedical topics, about some of the weird phenomena of physics, about the minds of suicide bombers, and about less serious subjects such as the condominium swimming pool. My original intention was to have some of this stuff published in a qrecognized journal, q but one can die (and authors frequently do exactly that) while waiting for publication. Then, my daughter Alice suggested a Web site. What a brilliant and politically-correct idea! Eventually, I filled the Web site with 22 short essays. So instead of scientists who are relatively impervious to change, I managed to attract some qintelligent laypersons.q Many of them urged me to assemble a book out of the essays, but this required expansion: figures, tables, equations, references. The equations are (mercifully) hidden as appendixes at the back of the book. I started to extract an Index, but abandoned it as being unnecessary, in the hope that the title of each Chapter hints at its contents.Cordless telephones operate on much less power than cell phones, so they are harmless. ... Here the cancer claims come from epidemiological surveys and animal studies. ... Underground power lines are expensive to install, but perfectly safe. Above ground, however, we should abandon electric blankets and hair dryers, move beds away from walls, use manual rather than electrical appliances, resideanbsp;...

Title:Are You Conscious, and Can You Prove It?
Author:Sid Deutsch
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-09-01


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