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Archer Aca‚na€œ one boyAca‚na„cs fight against adversity to find friendship, romance and the generosity to love his enemy.Archer is the sort of boy that things happen to. Orphaned as a baby, he has certain qualities that make him very different to all the other kids. He doesnAca‚na„ct understand why heAca‚na„cs so much stronger and faster than other boys his age, why a sword just feels right in his hand, or how he can fire an arrow at a target and it will hit the centre, even if his eyes are closed. He does know that he has to fight his friend Finn in a joust and compete against his best friend Fletch to see who is the most worthy. Whoever wins the competition will become King of the May, rewarded with fame, honour and plenty of female adoration. Edlyn has been a big thorn in ArcherAca‚na„cs side for many years and he will go to any lengths to win, but his lack of respect for the natural order has dangerous consequences. Archer is the only one who can save him, but after the way Edlyn has treated him, does he really want to?Book 2: Rory Archera#39;s reward for being the most worthy student in his graduating class is to lose his home and all his friends. The place ... Can Archer help him to find the missing pieces of the puzzle or will Reagana#39;s perilous gift destroy him as it destroyed so many other chosen children? The first three books are available on Amazon, Kindle and Nook. Read. more. at. Archer isanbsp;...

Author:Jacky Gray - 2010-08-02


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