Applied Engineering Mathematics

Applied Engineering Mathematics

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This book strives to provide a concise and yet comprehensive cover-age of all major mathematical methods in engineering. Topics in-clude advanced calculus, ordinary and partial differential equations, complex variables, vector and tensor analysis, calculus of variations, integral transforms, integral equations, numerical methods, and prob-ability and statistics. Application topics consist of linear elasticity, harmonic motions, chaos, and reaction-diffusion systems. . This book can serve as a textbook in engineering mathematics, mathematical modelling and scientific computing. This book is organised into 19 chapters. Chapters 1-14 introduce various mathematical methods, Chapters 15-18 concern the numeri-cal methods, and Chapter 19 introduces the probability and statistics.nodal index matrix for three nodes (i, j, m) can be written as (M) (i, j) {i, TM) = | (j, i) (j, j) (j, m) (m, i) (m, j) (m, m) ... with two degrees of freedom for each node (e.g., equations 2i a€” 1 and 2i for nodal i, equation 2j a€” 1 and 2j for node j, etc). Thusanbsp;...

Title:Applied Engineering Mathematics
Author:Xin-She Yang
Publisher:Cambridge Int Science Publishing - 2007


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