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Apostasy is creeping into the church from televisions, books and star-personality tours of rich and blasphemous self-proclaimed prophets of God.; many of whom are the most famous pastors and teachers in the U.S. These counterfeit shepherds teach that faith is a material substance more powerful than God, accessible to all men, and capable of creating anything man's heart can desire by the mere utterance of faith-filled-words. This doctrine has leached into all areas of the theological systems of what are known as a€œWord of Faitha€ churches. Virtually every major area of systematic theology in this movement has been taken captive by the repercussions of this primordial error. In this heresy, God is limited. Man is unlimited. Satan fills a necessary role in atonement for sin. Health, wealth, power and all means of temptation are heralded as virtues of the faith while millions empty their bank accounts for the promise of such ambition. Preying on the poor and desperate, this movement is systematically fulfilling biblical prophesies concerning a latter-day apostasy within Christendom.The Word-Faith Doctrinal Deception Jeff Kluttz. either?a€106 To aquot;serve him for free ???aquot; Does Price have no understanding of the gospel of Christ? Does he truly ... 106 Fred Price, (D.L. McConnell p.170 op. cit. F. Price Faith, Foolishness, presumption p.7) 110 John Avanzini (Believera#39;s Voice of Victory, TBN January 20, .

Author:Jeff Kluttz
Publisher:Jeff Kluttz - 2012-01-06


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