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Apoptosis, or cell death, can be pathological, a sign of disease and damage, or physiological, a process essential for normal health. This book, with contributions from experts in the field, provides a timely compilation of reviews of mechanisms of apoptosis. The book is organized into three convenient sections. The first section explores the different processes of cell death and how they relate to one another. The second section focuses on organ-specific apoptosis-related diseases. The third section explores cell death in non-mammalian organisms, such as plants. This comprehensive text is a must-read for all researchers and scholars interested in apoptosis.This is referred to as endurance training, and it can involve modalities such as wheel or treadmill running or it can be imposed via chronic electrical stimulation. These paradigms induce changes in muscle oxidative phenotype and result in improved endurance performance. ... During embryonic development, conditions of muscle regeneration, or muscle growth, satellite cells multiply, fuse, and donateanbsp;...

Author:Douglas R. Green
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2011-08-22


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