Anywhere But Here

Anywhere But Here

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qIf I had to pinpoint it, I'd say all my troubles started with a dildo.q Rodney Grizzly is in trouble. All he ever wanted was to be a successful artist. Instead, here he is at twenty-six years old: unemployed with a felony drug conviction on his record, locked in a walk-in freezer with third-degree burns and an irate girlfriend. Outside the door are hired killers waiting to get the order to pull the trigger. And it's all Rodney's fault. His girlfriend, ex-junkie Beth, won't talk to him. So Rodney has nothing better to do than walk down memory lane while he waits to find out if he's going to be killed by the men who tortured and kidnapped him. How did it get to be like this? Rodney recounts his story- how he met the love of his life, how he lost her, and how he got her back. Why he and his brother decided to rob one of the biggest suppliers of methamphetamines in Alabama, kicking off the chain of events that led to this mess in the first place. When the freezer door opens, Rodney and Beth are in for the fight of their lives, and nothing will ever be the same afterwards. Anywhere But Here is a story about a man who never had anything finding the will to rise up from despair, only to find himself involved in infidelity, murder plots, robbery attempts, and an epic white trash feud between good and evil, while desperately trying to hold on to the love of his life.He spent a lot of time looking online, taking courses in small engine repair and daydreaming. Our front yard contained an assortment of outboard motors, even a Waverunner, that hea#39;d take apart and reassemble, trying to get to know themanbsp;...

Title:Anywhere But Here
Author:Craig Parker
Publisher:Funeral Bell -


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