Antique Car Restoration And Upkeep

Antique Car Restoration And Upkeep

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An Antique car can be worth quite a bit of money to a collector if it has been carefully restored to its original condition. Therefore, during the entire process of overhaul, every bit and every part must be exact. Antique automobile restoration involves the process of disassembling the entire car, cleaning and either replacing or repairing the original parts and then reassembling the vehicle. In order for the car to maintain its original value, it must be restored with all of the proper parts. In most cases, the engine must be completely rebuilt. This will involve extensive searching to find genuine parts and paint for your car. It also requires extensive knowledge on body work, mechanical work and interior work of true antique car restoration. This book will provide the new antique car collector with a broad overview on some of the following: Am Restoring vs. Rebuilding Am Preparations for restoration work Am Interior restoration Am Body restoration Am Mechanical restoration Am Upkeep for your restored car Collecting antique cars and restoring them to their brand-new glory is a leisurely pursuit because, for one, it can cost a fortune to collect and restore these types of cars, and two, it can take a long time to complete restoration. But, it is a hobby that can give the avid antique car collector a sense of great pride especially when he gets to show off his car at prestigious car shows and it is admired by many who see it.Newbiea#39;s Guide On How To Restore A Classic Car With Tips On Car Body Repair , Interior Car Restoration, Mechanical Restoration, ... Antique NEdrN• EdrEm shown bNƒ NE¾llEmNtE¾rN• thrE¾ughE¾ut thEm NE¾untrNƒ in N•hE¾wN• Ednd admired wherevertheygo. ... In mE¾N•t EdutE¾mE¾tivEm shops, bE¾dNƒ wE¾rk Ednd mechanical wE¾rk EdrEm twE¾ diffEmrEmnt trades.

Title:Antique Car Restoration And Upkeep
Author:Leo K. Sutram
Publisher:KMSPublishing - 2013-12-27


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