Anthropological Perspectives on Tooth Morphology

Anthropological Perspectives on Tooth Morphology

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Researchers have long had an interest in dental morphology as a genetic proxy to reconstruct population history. Much interest was fostered by the use of standard plaques and associated descriptions that comprise the Arizona State University Dental Anthropology System, developed by Christy G. Turner, II and students. This system has served as the foundation for hundreds of anthropological studies for over 30 years. In recognition of that success, this volume brings together some of the world's leading dental morphologists to expand upon the concepts and methods presented in the popular The Anthropology of Modern Human Teeth (Cambridge University Press, 1997), leading the reader from method to applied research. After a preparatory section on the current knowledge of heritability and gene expression, a series of case studies demonstrate the utility of dental morphological study in both fossil and more recent populations (and individuals), from local to global scales.Shara E. Bailey (2002) PhD, Neandertal dental morphology: implicationsfor modern human origins 35. Alma J. Adler ... ASU. Albert A. Dahlberg, University of Chicago (April 9-13, 1979; February 20-26, 1983; March 18-20, 1985). Pima recordsanbsp;...

Title:Anthropological Perspectives on Tooth Morphology
Author:G. Richard Scott, Joel D. Irish
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2013-02-21


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