Animal Voices, Animal Guides

Animal Voices, Animal Guides

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How to connect with animal guides to expand individual and planetary awareness a€c Reveals techniques for exploring dreams, shamanic journeys, healing, and shapeshifting with animals a€c Presents words of wisdom from cats, dogs, horses, llamas, rabbits, ravens, bears, and even insects As companions, helpers, and spiritual guides, animals have always held a special relationship with humans. As we access our natural ability to communicate with animals, we cannot help but open ourselves more profoundly to life, other human beings, and our own deep nature--the essence of who we really are. Animal Voices, Animal Guides presents a wide variety of ways in which we can tune in to the a€œuniversal languagea€ of all life and reconnect with the animal kingdom in more conscious, meaningful ways. Through myths, shamanic journeys, and dreams we meet our power animals, spirit animals, and wise animal guides. The exercises, meditations, stories, and experiments included are designed to help us tune in to the subtle whispers of nature and expand our awareness. We learn what sled dogs have to teach us about teamwork, how llamas see themselves as healers of the world, and how it would feel to inhabit the skin of a shark. Filled with advice from animal communication professionals and actual conversations with animals, Animal Voices, Animal Guides is an invitation to explore our inner ways of knowing. When we learn how to use all our senses to listen to animals, we will find out how to listen to our authentic self as well.... be found all around us, all the time, even through a tail-wagging, black and white Chow Chowa€“German Shepherd puppy. ... to sometimes get into trouble ( that is often how we learn), to cuddle up beside you, to be here for you to take care ofanbsp;...

Title:Animal Voices, Animal Guides
Author:Dawn Baumann Brunke
Publisher:Inner Traditions / Bear & Co - 2009-05-21


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