Animal Behavior Desk Reference

Animal Behavior Desk Reference

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Revised and updated, containing over 5, 000 entries, with over 1, 100 more entries than in the previous edition, Animal Behavior Desk Reference, Second Edition: A Dictionary of Behavior, Ecology, and Evolution provides definitions for terms in animal behavior, biogeography, evolution, ecology, genetics, psychology, statistics, systematics, and other related sciences. Formatted like a standard dictionary, this reference presents definitions in a quick- and easy-to-use style. For each term, where applicable, you receive: Multiple definitions listed chronologically Term hierarchies summarized in tables Definition sources Directives that show where a concept is defined under a synonymous name, and concepts related to focal ones Non-technical and obsolete definitions Pronunciations of selected terms Common-denominator entries Synonyms Classifications of organisms and descriptions of many taxa Organizations related to animal behavior, ecology, evolution, and related sciences Still the most complete work of its kind, Animal Behavior Desk Reference, Second Edition: A Dictionary of Behavior, Ecology, and Evolution will improve your scientific communication, particularly in the fields of animal behavior, evolution, ecology, and related branches of biology. If you are a teacher, student, writer, or active in science in any way, this book will prove to be one of your most valuable resources.In some bee, other insect, and anthophil- ous-bird species: an individual that makes holes in a flower corolla through which ... 580) 4. in the Black-Headed Gull : an individual that takes the food of a heterospecific te.g., egret, Godwit, Stilt) individual fAmat and Aquilera 1990, 70). vi., ... rose diagram See graph: rose diagram.

Title:Animal Behavior Desk Reference
Author:Edward M. Barrows
Publisher:CRC Press - 2000-12-28


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