Analysis of Terrorism: Why?

Analysis of Terrorism: Why?

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Analysis of Terrorism: Why is photo essay. It is composed more than 150 art and photo. The essay traces from my medical education and introduction to Saudi Princess onto years later to write theory of new forms of aircraft design. I have five years FBI undercover work, and three years ago was recruited to Afghanistan sniper duty; after contacted NSA HQ. Military Command preloaded targets and I was asked design language in reflection my opinion. I identified Saudi in quest to find me and to work new design laser and metal alloys UFO. Two years ago NSA had her assigned to return to the Persian Gulf, and given mission build intergalactic space port. I was transferred to counter terrorism duty, and toured variety of country; including direct contact primary terror suspects. Dr. Anna Korkis is younger sister Osama Bin Laden. She was raped more than 1, 000 times by the USA; while hours to lead onto 9/11 to have her jaw beaten in at failure to be lady. The motive Osama Bin Laden is portrayed the essay to be acts of 'brotherly love'. I have served Presidential Commission, and to seriously have more than one report of person to claim to shoot and kill him. Contacts to Russian had offer of requirement revolution Persian Gulf nations; including Libya, Syria and Yemen, and those nation flags were to be turned over to me. Anna Korkis was to take Royal Arab name Queen Mousouiii, and at return to Persian Gulf Libya fell in revolution. The agreement by Gaddafi family to a new Libyan Government had variety emails here; so request Asylum, and humanitarian protections of new born granddaughter. Their flight from revolution and asylum nation of Oman are traced. I was contacted to seek blessing to reconstruct Iraq petroleum industry, and found extraordinary responses to themes of peace. I received IMF payment to work constructing Arab spring. The Libya themes are portrayed similar of Chicago slaying of girls, and are termed by FBI to lesbians in search to win a lottery ticket. The dilemma of those involved to fall victim of political assassination contrast Libya terror. The themes of the essay include counter terrorism duty; such as to lock down banking, scan airport travel and include direct police/FBI use of symbols. Nations sought to outlaw life style to blow up trains and rob banks. I have filed in my five years undercover work $5 billion cases. I have more than $100 million bank accounts and $150 million in legacy funds of person seeking to provide for the hungry and/or homeless. The entirety has been closed by banking to access. The essay portrays variety of terror incident; although I use crime is crime is a crime is a crime. The Saudi Queen was never permit to date, and named the eldest of Jewish families of Reuben. The slaying of Israeli at Olympics are portrayed victims to forbid to ever have an hamburger; so she was mutilated at not being a lady, or to ever eat out. She currently works to UFO designs, and has a mirror recovered by me in remote and closed Russia. She is seen symbol of an united Earth; so find metaphors of a Shangri - La Earth, and commerce was set up to Russia seen at G20 St. Petersburg. More than 100 such facility currently exist, and are valued greater than entire Earth. The essay has no provocation of violence; yet to find slaughter to claim life style of USA to be threatened of technology. The themes of lack of statement are found, and notes about the incredible poverty of those to carry out the crimes reviewed. Anna Korkis introduced herself to be Archangel Gabriel; whom Koran states to have dictated the work to the Prophet. Recommendations are made about a sealed and automatic playing tape; such as too many refusal finds. The individual is described to have sought marriage and demand of dowry noted. She was harmed to create 9/11. Transfer to Chief Engineer of the Xepher project is primary suggestion; so improve condition of Arab images, or find no comment likely about terrorism.Analysis of Terrorism: Why is photo essay. It is composed more than 150 art and photo. The essay traces from my medical education and introduction to Saudi Princess onto years later to write theory of new forms of aircraft design.

Title:Analysis of Terrorism: Why?
Author:Christopher Alan Byrne
Publisher:Createspace Independent Pub - 2013-10-05


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