An Introduction to International Health

An Introduction to International Health

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At a time when developed world populations are healthier and richer than they have ever been, why is there still so much poverty and disease in the world? Why do rich countries hold so many poor countries in debt and why do millions of children die every year from avoidable diseases? This new edition attempts to answer these pressing questions. An Introduction to International Health, Second Edition is a comprehensive and detailed exploration of international health and the modern aid industry. This provocative new edition is masterfully constructed around four essential themes: What is international health? Why is population health so poor in developing countries? What is the extent of the problem? What can be done about it? The thoroughly updated second edition provides answers to these questions and includes new discussions on war, governance and human rights in developing countries, and the various issues surrounding water, sanitation, and infectious diseases. Solutions are examined via primary health care strategies, poverty alleviation, and developing world debt relief, as well as human rights interventions. Unique to this book is its qhow-toq component. The final section discusses how to work safely and effectively in a developing country. This eye-opening text is an essential read for all those interested in international health.There has never been a central planning au- thority to guide the development of foreign aid. The current multi-billion-dollar industry grew Net worth of the worlda#39;s three richest people in 2004: Carlos Slim: US$74 billion Bill Gates: US$56 billion ... of the worlda#39;s 62 poorest countries in 2010: US$180 billion Source: Forbes, 2010, The worlda#39;s billionaires, retrieved from: billionaires.

Title:An Introduction to International Health
Author:Michael Seear
Publisher:Canadian Scholars’ Press - 2012-11-01


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