An Introduction to English Language

An Introduction to English Language

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How does the English language work? If you are interested in discovering the answer to this question, then An Introduction to English Language is the ideal place to start. Written in a clear, lively, and easy-to-follow style, this introductory textbook is based around three core topics of linguistic study: WORD: English words, how they fit into sentences, their internal structure, their meaning and how they make up vocabularies for various purposes. SOUND: the sound systems of English, its phonetics and phonology, and English intonation and stress patterns. SENTENCE: English sentence structure and introductory English grammar. Now thoroughly revised and updated, the third edition of this essential guide features: A multimedia companion website featuring quizzes, downloadable audio clips, Powerpoint slides and video lectures to match the book's structurea€“ for use in the classroom or during private study: A new introduction to the field of linguistics, instantly familiarizing students to key issues and topics Extra material on the different varieties of English worldwide - including more examples of regional dialects An Introduction to English Language is carefully designed as a course-book for either group or individual study, and it remains the essential text for students and teachers of English language and introductory linguistics.In many European cities there are translation bureaus to enable people who do not speak one of the European Uniona#39;s official ... Home appliances in Europe often have instructions written in a large number of languages so that if you buy a washing machine in France you may get a manual in German, which you cana#39;t read, as well as the one in French ... So, if anyone asks you why you are studying a subject which has such a funny name, you now have a few answers to their question.

Title:An Introduction to English Language
Author:Koenraad Kuiper, W. Scott Allan
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2010-07-30


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