An Introduction to Electrical Science

An Introduction to Electrical Science

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An Introduction to Electrical Science walks readers through the subject in a logical order, providing a historical overview alongside modern electrical theory and practice. Perfect for electrical trainees both during their training and once qualified. You will be guided through the subject in a topic by topic manner with each section building upon the one that came before it. By adding context to the principles of electrical science the topics become easier to both understand and remember, providing a grounding in the subject that will remain with you for life. With a wealth of examples, images and diagrams mastering difficult concepts will be a breeze. This book also has a companion site with an extra chapter, interactive multiple choice quizzes for each chapter and more at Fully aligned to the 17th edition of the wiring regulations Free access to companion website material, including multiple-choice tests and extra chapters Two-colour layout helps navigation and highlights key points Visit the companion website at you can draw the phasor diagram, and know Pythagorasa#39;s Theorem, then you dona#39;t need to bother to remember this equation! Worked example 1 ... Solution Always start by sketching the circuit diagram (Figure 19.19), and inserting all the values given to you in the question. Figure 19.19 Next ... a#39;Impedancea#39; is yet another word, L meaning to a#39;opposea#39; or a#39;impedea#39; the passage ofcurrent. But we cannotanbsp;...

Title:An Introduction to Electrical Science
Author:Adrian Waygood,
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-06-19


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