An Introduction to Educational Psychology

An Introduction to Educational Psychology

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This book introduces students of education to the elements of educational psychology. It also relates as closely as possible the findings of research to classroom practice. In order to make clear the fundamental processes involved in psychological development, the book starts with a study of the way in which the young child adapts its behaviour to its environment. This study considers some of the key aspects of physical development, mainly the central nervous system. At the same time the way physical growth and psychological development are influenced by the experience of the individual is also discussed. This discussion of development is followed by an examination of the processes of learning, with particular attention paid to the works of Piaget. The salient points of each chapter are brought together in a summary which may be used by the reader to obtain a preliminary overview of the content of the chapter, and as an aid to revision.The essay type test The test most used in this country to assess the eflicacy of learning is the essay type test. This is used commonly in the classroom and in public examinations such as the General Certificate of Education. These tests consistanbsp;...

Title:An Introduction to Educational Psychology
Author:E. Stones
Publisher:Routledge - 2012-01-19


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