An Evening to Remember ...

An Evening to Remember ...

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Ribhu is an Engineering graduate, freshly out from college. He has just got a new job in a distant place. Though the job profile excites him, he is a bit sad to leave his hometown. He is planning for his future sitting on an Airplane in Kolkata and dreaming of his bright future in his mind. Once a very happy person, now Shruti is only a pale shadow of what she really was. After her parenta€™s breakup she cana€™t fully recover from the shock of it, it keeps haunting her again and again. She is sitting inside a coffee-shop looking outside the rain drenched city and thinking of her past, she cana€™t get rid of her happy past memories. Joyita is a happy-go-lucky type of girl, who always lives on that very moment. Flamboyant Joyita loves to make rapport with anyone she meets. She is exactly the carbon copy of a pretty girl next door. When Ribhu plans for his future, Shruti cana€™t forget her past but Joyita is always happy on her present. What will happen on that evening, which will change the course of their lives? *************************************************** Getting the first job is always an exciting thing and the more exciting thing is to get the first pay-check. This book unfolds the life of a bunch of new joiners in office who discovers a new life, away from their homes. The characters in the book and the settings are realistic enough to make readers remember their own first one year of their professional life as well as their own coming-of-age story.The interior decoration of this palace is really appeling. Ribhu takes many snaps of the interior with his smartphone. Next they ... There may be a possibility that the company may shift me Pune or Mumbai, but not in Kolkata, a€ Ribhu replies.

Title:An Evening to Remember ...
Author:Sayantan Das
Publisher:Sayantan Das - 2014-10-10


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