An Angel for Maxey

An Angel for Maxey

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Reese Maxey is a modestly successful industrial market researcher and executive interviewer. When a new international religion explodes on the world scene with the goal of unifying all faiths into one body, Reese Maxey is recruited to bring his skills to the movement. But as he becomes more involved in the rapidly expanding worldwide church, he discovers not all is as it seems in the new faith. His discoveries bring to light his own inner spiritual struggles, and more disturbing, he finds there are human forces around him determined to make him and break him. Or kill him. From the lofty powers who meet annually in Davos, Switzerland, to the streets and corporate corridors of Midwestern cities comes a story about one mana€™s spiritual struggle and the intrigue of spiritual wickedness in high places. a€œAn Angel for Maxey is a religiously inspired thriller that will entertain as well as empower onea€™s faith.a€ Midwest Book ReviewAnd that was where they found my BMW! Except for tires missing and my logic 7 Sound System, the car was otherwise in one good running piece.a€ Caulfield sat back. a€œEventually, the insurance company replaced my tires and stereo system.

Title:An Angel for Maxey
Author:Winters, Ronald C.
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2010-07-10


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