America's Mission

America's Mission

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America's Mission argues that the global strength and prestige of democracy today are due in large part to America's impact on international affairs. Tony Smith documents the extraordinary history of how American foreign policy has been used to try to promote democracy worldwide, an effort that enjoyed its greatest triumphs in the occupations of Japan and Germany but suffered huge setbacks in Latin America, Vietnam, and elsewhere. With new chapters and a new introduction and epilogue, this expanded edition also traces U.S. attempts to spread democracy more recently, under presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama, and assesses America's role in the Arab Spring.The lack of pagination makes the manual difficult to cite; the University of Chicago Press edition (The U. S. Army/Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual) is more difficult to obtain but preferable for its ease of use. 12. Nicolas Bouchetanbsp;...

Title:America's Mission
Author:Tony Smith
Publisher:Princeton University Press - 2012


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