America's Last Stand?

America's Last Stand?

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Wasn't school-sponsored prayer banned in 1962? Wasn't the Bible banned from public schools in 1963? Didn't the Supreme Court rule that both forms of religious expression and belief violated the U.S. Constitution? Didn't the ACLU convince everyone that there should be no religion whatsoever promoted or supported by the public school system. Then why are Islamic prayer and Islamic religious exercises allowed to take place in America's public schools? Could the public schools in America really be the place of America's last stand? The author suggests that while the country is being assaulted on many fronts, such as the military, financial and ideological, many Americans are not aware that perhaps the most dangerous assault is taking place in the schools. This book discusses these and many other issues that all Americans should be concerned about, especially if their children are in public schools.In its report, a€œIslam and the Textbooksa€, the ATC reviews several World History and Cultures textbooks that are aimed at seventh ... The ATC identifies the textbooks and publishers as Human Heritage by Glencoe, 2001, Across the Centuries byanbsp;...

Title:America's Last Stand?
Author:David Pimentel
Publisher:David Pimentel - 2011-11-01


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