American Socialism? It Is What It is

American Socialism? It Is What It is

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Ever wondered how we got where we are? How did the workplace change, why was it not noticed before? Should you have seen these changes before it all happened? The jobs went away, bonuses went up, there was more work do to, and yet the worker was appreciated less, not more. Legacy is gone. Loyalty to employees is gone. A fair days wage for a fair days pay has been replaced by the part time job. The rules all changed. The America we grew up with is not the America in which we find ourselves retiring into. Some will say it is Washington DC, some say in is big business, some say it was union demands, and yet like everything else in this high tech world it some and all of these and more. And so it begins... the Era where the Individual needs to take back control of their lives, their communities and their government.water heater, and all local laws and regulations, before the order to install a water heater can be issued. All legal ... wants is a new water heater, installed and working, and if it fails, someone to come out and replace or repair the problem unit.

Title:American Socialism? It Is What It is
Author:Terry L Ursini
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-08-27


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