American Democracy

American Democracy

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These essays spanning a period of four decades all belong to the political science subfield of qdemocratic theory.q Though published independently, mostly in professional journals, they make a connected argument against minimalist versions of qdemocracy.q The first group of essays, on the work of various contemporary political theorists, analyze the ways in which the nature of class in the corporate capitalist order limits the applicability of the concepts upon which traditional democratic theory has depended. The essays grouped under the heading of qreally existing democracyq propose the concept of qrepresentative oligarchyq as the appropriate rubric for understanding American politics; these essays incorporate a topic often avoided on the Left, namely the problem of illiberal mass opinion in liberal democracies, and ask the question whether the representative element in representative oligarchy may be beyond recuperation. The final two essays examine how, and through what forms of political action, a citizenry might truly implement representative government as political equality.Afterword (2014) This essay was originally published as a lengthy book review/ essay. In reproducing it I have omitted extensive passages that were designed to make it seem more like a review of a specific book and less like a shot across the anbsp;...

Title:American Democracy
Author:Philip Green
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2014-12-17


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