America Brushes Up

America Brushes Up

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This excursion into American cultural history looks at the toothpaste and toothbrush industries from 1900 to 2008. During these years, America moved from cleaning their teeth mostly with homemade powders to using an enormous array of brands, often applied with an electric toothbrush. From early 20th century products like Forhan's (which qcuredq pyorrhea) to the whiteners of the 1920s (which unfortunately also removed tooth enamel), and from paste that eliminated qthat clinging filmq and to copywriters who qwondered where the yellow went, q the history of toothpaste has long been a testament to the power of misleading advertising. Interrupting a steady flow of hyperbole was the one true wonder ingredient--fluoride, which enabled Crest to be for decades America's top-selling brand.... so someone standing near the person brushing heard only a hum, similar to the sound of a Walkman in use on a fellow passenger in a train. ... Late in 2006 OraWave expected to introduce the $35 Tuned Musical MP3 Twin- Spin, which would download songs into the ... USB port.36 Finally, in the fall of 2006, came from Tiger Electronics (a division of Hasbro) the $10 manual, musical toothbrush.

Title:America Brushes Up
Author:Kerry Segrave
Publisher:McFarland - 2010-01-27


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