Amateur Radio Pedestrian Mobile Handbook: Second Edition

Amateur Radio Pedestrian Mobile Handbook: Second Edition

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If you plan to operate a ham radio pedestrian mobile station, this is the book for you! This handbook will guide you through all phases of designing, building and operating your PM station. This is the second edition of my handbook. You will notice some changes from the first edition. The first change is in the battery chapter as most of the charging information has been deleted from that chapter. The chapter on Military Radios has also been deleted from the text. There are numerous books on this subject. I have also added a chapter on tuning your PM station and another chapter on weather and the environment. I have also included a new chapter on what most people call, qApps.q With the explosion of mobile devices in society, hams now also use their smart devices at home and most other places they visit. I've added some cool apps for use out in the great outdoors. Also look at the new chapter I added on stretching.Digital Voice Recorder: Digital voice recorders or DVRs are used by many pedestrian mobile operators. Today DVRs are small, lightweight. ... This listing is updated periodically. The current front-runner is the Olympus WS-500M shown to theanbsp;...

Title:Amateur Radio Pedestrian Mobile Handbook: Second Edition
Author:Edward Breneiser - 2014-03


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