Always Use Protection

Always Use Protection

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Table of Contents Gremlins in Your Machine When Software Attacks: All About Viruses From Sneaks to Slammers: How Viruses Get on Your System The Built-in Doctor: Antivirus Programs Guardians at the Gate: Firewalls Locking Up, Part 1: Software Updates Locking Up, Part 2: System and Application Configuration Backups: The Most Important Thing You'll Probably Never Do What to Do When You've Been Hit When They Think It's You, But It Isn't: Identity Theft Passwords: Your Key to the Internet The Traces You Leave Behind: What Your Machine Says About You Every Move You Make, They'll Be Watching You Chat Rooms, Public and Private ScamsFigure 5-7 Using the IPConfig command Most modern routers can be configured using a web browser. Look at the default ... If you dona#39;t have the router manual, you can probably download it from the manufacturera#39;s web site. If you or youranbsp;...

Title:Always Use Protection
Author:Dan Appleman
Publisher:Apress - 2004-04-21


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