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Comprehensive information for the American aluminium industry Collective effort of 53 recognized experts on aluminium and aluminium alloys Joint venture by world renowned authorities-the Aluminium Association Inc. and American Society for Metals. The completely updated source of information on aluminium industry as a whole rather than its individual contributors. this book is an opportunity to gain from The knowledge of the experts working for prestigious companies such as Alcoa, Reynolds Metals Co., Alcan International Ltd., Kaiser Aluminium a Chemical Corp., Martin Marietta Laboratories and Anaconda Aluminium Co. It took four years of diligent work to complete this comprehensive successor to the classic volume, Aluminium, published by ASM in 1967. Contents: Properties of Pure Aluminum Constitution of Alloys Microstructure of Alloys Work Hardening Recovery, Recrystalization and Growth Metallurgy of Heat Treatment and General Principles of Precipitation Hardening Effects of Alloying Elements and Impurities on Properties Corrosion Behaviour Properties of Commercial Casting Alloys Properties of Commercial Wrought Alloys Aluminum Powder and Powder Metallurgy Products.plasticity observed near the aluminum-zinc eutectoid (Ref 59, 60) offers the prospect for expanded commercial application. ... In the aluminum-rich end of the phase diagram, there are three compounds in equilibrium with aluminum: TB, Tt, andanbsp;...

Author:John E. Hatch
Publisher:ASM International - 1984-01-01


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