Alternative Energy in Power Electronics

Alternative Energy in Power Electronics

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This new resource is a practical overview of designing, testing and troubleshooting power electronics in alternative energy systems, providing you with the most important information on how power electronics components such as inverters, controllers and batteries can play a pivotal role in the successful implementation of green energy solutions for both stand-alone and grid-connected applications. You will learn how to choose the right components for diverse systems, from utility-scale wind farms to photovoltaic panels on single residences, how to get the most out of existing systems, and how to solve the tough challenges particular to alternative energy applications. Whether you are a renewables professional who needs to understand more about how power electronics impact energy output, or a power engineer who is interested in learning what new avenues the alternative energy revolution is opening for your work, start here with advice and explanations from the experts, including equations, diagrams and tables designed to help you understand and succeed. Provides a thorough overview of the key technologies, methods and challenges for implementing power electronics in alternative energy systems for optimal power generation Includes hard-to-find information on how to apply converters, inverters, batteries, controllers and more for stand-alone and grid-connected systems Covers wind and solar applications, as well as ocean and geothermal energy, hybrid systems and fuel cellswhere D(wt) is the sine wave modulated duty ratio, Vo (wt) is the sine wave output, V c max is the maximal clamped voltage, andLe is the effective ... After switch Qa and Ss1 are turned ON, the energy stored in capacitor Cs1 will eventually be fed back to the capacitor Ca as useful power. ... FIGURE 5.7 Schematic of the ripple-mitigating inverter [3]. The source can PV/battery/rectified wind as well. FIGUREanbsp;...

Title:Alternative Energy in Power Electronics
Author:Muhammad H. Rashid
Publisher:Butterworth-Heinemann - 2014-10-28


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