Alpha Male Challenge

Alpha Male Challenge

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Restore your masculine edge and be the best man you can be! Men are losing their masculinity. Guys are urged to get in touch with their qfeminineq side at the expense of the traditional attributes that make men qmale.q Not only has qmanlinessq become a dirty word in a society of beta males and couch potatoes, but there's actually less and less of it in the blood of too many American men, with studies showing declines in average testosterone levels over the past 20 years. Today's men need a major adjustment of alpha attitude, and Alpha Male Challenge is the 10-week plan for reclaiming the masculine, competitive edge guys need to be on top of their game in every aspect of their lives. It's the new blueprint for the qtrueq Alpha Male--the ideal of masculine excellence today. More than just another fitness book, this three-part exercise, diet, and mind-set overhaul features: The revolutionary MaleScale assessment questionnaire that measures the physical and mental traits that define the true Alpha Male A step-by-step regimen to develop the Four C's of Alpha Attitude: commitment, confidence, courage, and conscience The Alpha Wave Basic Training program to build muscle, burn fat, and produce testosterone The Work Heart/Play Heart cardio system The Alpha Fuel Solution, a convenient approach to food and supplements with simple Fuel Rules based on what the human body was designed to eat over the past 2.5 million years, tweaked with cutting edge innovations. This is a straightforward instruction manual to build the kind of man these hard times demand: ruggedly powerful and supremely confident. It will help guys become more successful in their workouts, in their careers, and even in their relationships, as they learn to embody the everyday heroism of the true Alpha Male.... were stronger for goals and strategies related specifically to diet and exercise than for those related to weight loss in ... A study at Michigan State University found that people who bet $40 that they could stick with their program had a 97anbsp;...

Title:Alpha Male Challenge
Author:James Villepigue, Rick Collins
Publisher:Rodale - 2009-09-01


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