Allegiance (science fiction/fantasy crossover)

Allegiance (science fiction/fantasy crossover)

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Persistent doubt is not easily ignored. As the newest agent of the secret organization known as Reunification, Rii firmly believes in the Mission laid out in the organization's goals. He works alongside his formerly long-lost sister, who has changed much since her disappearance six years ago, and dreams about bringing the Mission to completion some day soon. But when Rii stumbles upon the true nature of the organization, he finds himself torn between continuing to serve the Mission and quitting Reunification entirely. The matter is complicated by his loyalty to his sister, who he does not wish to betray, despite his gradually weakening loyalty to the cause. With his conscience and loyalty battling each other in his mind, Rii finds himself faced with a diffcult dilemma, one that, regardless of his choice, will change his lifea€”and the lives of his familya€”forever. KEYWORDS: Science-fiction, science-fantasy, science-fiction/fantasy crossover, science-fiction adventure, science-fiction action adventure, science-fiction and fantasy series, science-fiction seriesI prayed a quick prayer to the Old Gods to grant me the strength I would need for what I am about to do. ... watching the prison of the Old Gods rise in the distance as day became night or playing games like flip coin with mine siblings when ouranbsp;...

Title:Allegiance (science fiction/fantasy crossover)
Author:Timothy L. Cerepaka
Publisher:Annulus Publishing - 2015-10-10


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