All Your Friends Like This: How Social Networks Took Over News

All Your Friends Like This: How Social Networks Took Over News

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ALL YOUR FRIENDS LIKE THIS is a topical, punchy and provacative look at how social networks are taking over the news. How do you get your news? Chances are not from a newspaper or the TV - that's so old-school. If you're anything like the rest of us, you get it from Facebook or Twitter. The great power shift from traditional media to social networks is happening right now. This boom means that, for millions of us, our first exposure to information about the world comes from our friends, not news media. But social networks don't do news the old-fashioned way. Because we share stories that make us look good, inspire us and fire us up, the tone and flavour of the news-making process is irrevocably altered. What does this mean for media? For journalists? The audience? Are we better off or worse off because of it? Highly topical, provocative and totally absorbing, ALL YOUR FRIENDS LIKE THIS does for the media what Freakonomics did for economics. If you're interested in the news, in what we read and why we read it then this game-changing book is essential.To make it operate in real time at ninemsn (where I was working by then) it was overlaid with a manual process called a#39;The Oraclea#39; that compared ... It would be 2013 before Adobe, Omniturea#39;s owners, added explicit interface layers to make monitoring performance in real time easy. ... For me the symbolic highwater mark of this discovery of the audience and how to capture serious traffic was 14 January 2008. ... Out of the Cadillac emerged Sam Lutfi, Adnan Ghalib and Britney Spears.

Title:All Your Friends Like This: How Social Networks Took Over News
Author:H Crawford, D Filipovic, A Hunter
Publisher:HarperCollins - 2015-09-01


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