All-That-Is Waving in Resonance with the Vibes

All-That-Is Waving in Resonance with the Vibes

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The vibrational energies of earth harmonically support the electromagnetic force of all living things and the game we play of reality. Holographic and quantum theory affirm that the observer and the observed are one: the body is actually blinking on and off and is sensitive to the entire range of electromagnetic frequencies. While technology in the hands of a secret government, with its overt and covert hold on minds and bodies, is careening down the telescoping aisle of time, it is accompanied by a tremendous acceleration of possible consciousness toward Knowing that the reality that we intend for ourselves is indeed tentatively located in but a few grids within the holographic infinity that Matters, the All-That-Is: by our pranic energy there manifest we yet create our own reality. This book is a piece of the ever-growing network of dissent urgently seeking a window denied by all media to a consciousness of compassion for All-That-Is. Global agony comes to dominate a book about earth and human energies.Statements from the Manual: aquot;The combined summary statistics across studies provide insufficient evidence for an association between EMF exposure in the workplace and either leukemia or brain cancer.aquot; aquot;Exposure of human volunteers at night ... They can be hundreds, thousands, even millions of times weaker than those encountered outdoors near power lines. Electric fields beneath power lines mayanbsp;...

Title:All-That-Is Waving in Resonance with the Vibes
Author:Llan Starkweather - 2007-08


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