All about your Computer

All about your Computer

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Almost everyone these days has a computer. Some may just send and receive email, or browse the World Wide Web. Others write letters or do their home accounts on it. Most people have a basic understanding of how to use a computer, but have no idea how it does the things it does. Some of those people would like to know more, but learning about the insides of a computer, and especially how it works, seems too daunting to try. This book is aimed at anyone in that latter category: anyone who uses a computer, perhaps has never seen inside it, and has no idea how a machine could possibly do all the things it does. But yes, one who is prepared to invest some time and effort in developing understanding of the technology.Thus this XOR Gate circuit performs the defined XOR operation on its inputs, according to the truth table in section 6.3. 7.v. The Binary Clock In the chapters in which we discussed both Memory and the Motherboard, the binary clock was mentioned. ... the crystal. on The output at A in the circuit diagram above is therefore a square wave oscillation between nearly +5V, binary aquot;1aquot; and nearly 0V , binary aquot;0aquot;.

Title:All about your Computer
Author:Kenneth Spencer - 2014-06-01


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